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What Hemp Strain Does the CBD Come From?

We use only CBD-dominant strains to produce 99.98% pure CBD isolate for a better, more effective product.

What Conditions Were the Plants Grown In?

Hemp absorbs so much toxicity from the soil that it’s actually known for its soil-cleaning properties! Of course, these aren’t the kind of hemp plants you want to get your CBD from. Hemp grown in clean, nutrient-rich soil using only organic methods is essential in producing a toxin-free CBD product. That’s exactly what you get with Burns CBD.

What About the Refining Process?

When you get your CBD from commercial sources, chances are it’s been refined using chemicals you don’t want to know about. At Burns CBD, all of our CBD is refined with clean and inert compounds that keep your CBD pure-and-healthy.

How Pure is the CBD?

CBD from commercial sources is often loaded with toxins, chemicals, fibers, waxes, oils and other unwanted by-products. In other words, most CBD is not very pure at all. We produce only the purest CBD extract possible — at 99.98% pure CBD isolate. We’ve also made sure you’re not consuming any unwanted by-products with your CBD by removing all the natural hemp by-products such as chlorophyll, plant wax, oil, and fibers during the extraction process.

Our chemical-free extraction process is specially-designed to produce 99.8% pure CBD isolate, and we only make our CBD in small batches to ensure quality control and purity with every product.